Understanding mRNA Vaccines

Brilliant feed on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WheatNOil/status/1339624815137722368

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Trump is an enabler II

In addition to an earlier post here more items, which Trump unintentionally enables:

  • A realisation in the rest of the world that a world policeman isn’t a bad thing after all (To paraphrase former President Holland’s remarks at the SEF earlier this year)
  • That flooding the zone with s..t, aka constant lying, helps the truth win in the long run as currently nobody believes anything that Trump says anymore
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The renaissance of the middle ages

The world is currently undergoing a curious transformation: It’s history in reverse. We are back in the middle ages: tribes, rule of the most powerful, that is no rule of law, lies all around.

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Rethink value chains

An interview today’s Handelszeitung on how AI allows for rethinking value chains.

German version.

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Trump is an enabler

Trump will have enabled three major developments:

  • A move to a more equal society
  • The first American female president
  • The destruction of the bigoted GOP

Before anyone goes ballistic: This was never his intent. But it will be the consequence of his failed presidency.

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Corona: The end of the beginning

Hope you all can enjoy spring despite testing times.

And testing times it continues to be: After a gradual ease of restrictions a seeming resemblance of normalcy. Yet nothing has been won, The infection is still here and here to stay.

The Swiss civil society and government did a good job containing the virus and keeping the economy from falling into the abyss. Yet we seem to be putting at risk this achievement.

A second wave seems to be – and early indications from places as varied as Singapore, Korea, China, Bulgaria, & the USA point to this – a feature rather than an outlier of this pandemic.

We are already faced with the biggest economic downturn in our lifetimes (unless we are lucky and a vaccine is found quickly). It is thus utterly incomprehensible that there is to this date no comprehensive testing and tracing strategy in place covering all age groups in the country.

Some argue about the cost, about privacy and other concerns. A look back at 1918 shows that whatever this costs, is nothing compared to the societal and economic devastation of a second wave.

This is a call to action for us all to push for what’s proven over the last 3 months to be the only working strategy to contain the spread (and no, Sweden is no alternative, as the Swedish approach so far produced a similar economic downturn like elsewhere with a much higher per capita death rate than almost anywhere else).

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Contemporary witness

We are eyewitnesses to tectonic shifts in international politics. Links in German.

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Why the AI revolution will take time

The way most companies today deal with data is equivalent to buying a car, driving it from the dealership back to your garage, and then throwing away the key and never driving that car again.

Reflections on why the widespread adoption of AI technologies will take time – Interview in the AI News.

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The clowns are called out

The Covid-19 Pandemic has no political bias. It has no notion of itself, it has no notion of its own future, it has not spin doctored route to electoral success. It is a deadly viral bug without political bias. On its global march it killed hundreds of thousands, sickened millions.

One thing it also inadvertently did: It unmasked the clowns. Trump, Bolsonaro, Johnson, Salvini rose to prominence as  so called populists, denouncing the elites, offering easy recipes to all ails, going aggressively against anyone pointing out their many flaws.

What the media (even though they wrote about it prior the outbreak), the liberals, the righteous conservatives couldn’t do, the virus did: It unmasked these clowns*. How fitting that for long they refused to wear masks.

The price for their clownishness behaviour we all will pay for a long time.


* Calling the clowns is unfair to clowns:  “Yet while the term “clown” is often used as an insult, it is in fact a compliment Mr Johnson does not deserve. Clowning is a noble art form animated by a spirit he does not share.”


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Autonomous driving is a more than a few years away.

Autonomous driving is a long time away. The reason – AI is universal, but requires a finite universe to be effective – is mostly overlooked. Article in German.


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