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10 theses on the future of newspapers

Much has been written about the¬†future of newspapers. Here my humble contribution: In a complex world people turn to trusted sources of information for news, analysis and comment, e.g. newspapers. The unique value of a newspaper is its editorial staff … Continue reading

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In the sleeping coach through the elections for the government

Elections to the Swiss national government are as always comparable to a comfy ride in a comfortable sleeping coach. Nothing much interrupts your journey until waking up at the destination and realizing that not much changed. Well after all that … Continue reading

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Bruno Zuppiger is toast – Today’s conspiracy theory

Bruno Zuppiger, candidate for the Swiss government was today accused by the Weltwoche, a weekly newspaper, to have¬†embezzled an heritage of CHF 250’000. He claims an error happened but everything has been settled with no dammage to any party involved. … Continue reading

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Helmut Schmidt on Europe’s Future

Helmut Schmidt’s speech on Europe is both crisp and concise. It is the speech on the future of Europe that quite a many active European politician should have held long ago.

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Three suggestions for Europe

It’s been heralded as Europe’s week of decision. Here some ramblings of mine and three suggestions (in German).

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