A company road trip

A few days ago my colleagues and I set out to drive from New York to Connecticut to visit a customer of ours. Our customer has its North American divisional headquarter up there and a big R&D facility.


On that one Friday morning we got to the nearest Hertz rental station. A roadblock there: Their IT system being down it became quite a longwinded process to get a contract done… Once this obstacle cleared, we were on the road.


A short en route stop to refuel the crew and a few more miles to go. For a Swiss guy it’s always amazing to see the sheer size of the county. The trip translated to Switzerland would cover a good part of our country while nothing here.

All smooth sailing. And here we arrived.



A great meeting later we headed back south again. While Friday mornings are not really traffic heavy, Friday afternoons are. Very heavy. What took us 2.5hrs in the morning translated to roughly 4 in the late afternoon…

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