The clowns are called out

The Covid-19 Pandemic has no political bias. It has no notion of itself, it has no notion of its own future, it has not spin doctored route to electoral success. It is a deadly viral bug without political bias. On its global march it killed hundreds of thousands, sickened millions.

One thing it also inadvertently did: It unmasked the clowns. Trump, Bolsonaro, Johnson, Salvini rose to prominence as  so called populists, denouncing the elites, offering easy recipes to all ails, going aggressively against anyone pointing out their many flaws.

What the media (even though they wrote about it prior the outbreak), the liberals, the righteous conservatives couldn’t do, the virus did: It unmasked these clowns*. How fitting that for long they refused to wear masks.

The price for their clownishness behaviour we all will pay for a long time.


* Calling the clowns is unfair to clowns:  “Yet while the term “clown” is often used as an insult, it is in fact a compliment Mr Johnson does not deserve. Clowning is a noble art form animated by a spirit he does not share.”


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