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A company road trip

A few days ago my colleagues and I set out to drive from New York to Connecticut to visit a customer of ours. Our customer has its North American divisional headquarter up there and a big R&D facility. On that … Continue reading

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Trump will be gone by end 2019

Some time ago I offered a simple bet: Trump will no longer be president by year end 2019. Reason: Last chance for Republicans to have a faint chance to retain the presidency. The way to get him out: The Spiro Agnew … Continue reading

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Digital Transformation coming full circle – 23 years later

When asked what we do here at Squirro I talk about AI. AI seems to be everywhere. Our version is all about Augmented Intelligence. Then people often go: “Interesting, but (not yet) for me.” 23 years ago, 1995, I joined … Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence to power the next wave of enterprise apps

What is behind the rise in enterprise apps and why has the apps market suddenly been alerted to the analytic power and automation of processes that AI offers? Despite the hype, vendor noise and press column inches, artificial intelligence (AI) … Continue reading

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Data: The world’s most underused valuable resource

The cover story of the May 6th, 2017 issue of The Economist boldly proclaimed data as “the world’s most valuable resource,” which is a new reality that has taken shape over the years. Technology used to be all about products, … Continue reading

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RIP enterprise search – AI-based cognitive insight is the future

Earlier in 2017, The Economist declared that the ‘world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data’. Few would argue with this. Data and information are at the heart of the modern enterprise, empowering knowledge workers with the insight … Continue reading

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Nonsensical use of AI and Robots

For once text only available in German.

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Time for Artificial Intelligence to Really Deliver

Technology is a sector that has often been prone of over-hyping the latest trends that emerge within it. Over the past few years, virtual reality and driveless cars are just two examples of technologies that while rich in potential, have … Continue reading

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Top 100 Digital Shaper

Feeling humbled and honoured to have been selected to be among so many great people shaping Switzerland’s digital future! A great team is the source of this success! #DigitalShapers  

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You can see the AI age everywhere but in the productivity statistics

“At the hospital they introduced a computer to do payroll. Instead of four people in the payroll department they now employ eight plus a few in the new computer department,” my father explained over Sunday lunch over 30 years ago. … Continue reading

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