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Digital Manifesto for Switzerland

The other day Digital Switzerland invited 50 digital movers and shakers to Bern to discuss digitalization and Switzerland and what we think a way forward is. The outcome is this Digital Manifesto (pdf).

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“We’ve tested 25 #AI engines & only @Squirro brought benefit”

As known, I work for Squirro. Our customer Evalueserve just released this short video: “We’ve tested 25 #AI engines & only @Squirro brought benefit. This is why #robots won’t replace us” @Evaluserve, 23 August 2016 I agree.

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New York New York, big city of dreams

The big apple at 6am, just returning from my morning run in the Central Park. It’s already nearly 80 degrees Fahrenheit. And it was busy in Central Park, the center drive full of joggers and bickers. I am here to … Continue reading

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A year on

It’s really the light. Coming into Charlotte two days ago there was this wonderful late afternoon light across the city, a kind of deep blue, combined with southern warmth. Later the sky turned warmer still. The reciprocal effect of light … Continue reading

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Brexit: See EU later

The people in the United Kingdom voted for Brexit – My prediction was wrong. It’s just the opposite of what I expected in terms of percentage but correct in terms of the Scottish result. Tough stuff. As always we all will … Continue reading

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The Outcome of the Brexit Vote

Here’s my prediction for the Brexit outcome: It’s going to be ‘Remain’ by 51-52% overall, the English will vote out and the remain will only prevail because the Scots vote by about 60%+ for the remain side. The result will … Continue reading

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Make data human – Apply Deming’s principles to the industrialization of data analytics

  It was a sunny spring day. I just received my coveted birthday present. A Sony Walkman. It was revolutionary. Small, lightweight, beautiful, it was music on the go. And it was the essence of Japanese ingenuity. W. Edward Deming … Continue reading

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The Future of Data: Autonomous Data

Self-Driving Cars are all the rage. Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, said recently in the German Newspaper, Handelsblatt, that the automotive industry will change more radically in the next 5 years than in the past 50 years. The key drivers … Continue reading

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Opposition without a clue (about the future)

The Swiss political system starts to resemble the US system: A right wing party as look-similar to the irresponsible Republicans. More in German.

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Start the right thing

My friend Patrick Stähler wrote an excellent book on starting the right thing. Unfortunately only in German – but hey Goethe’s language is on an ascend, what getting yourself fluent?! – it packs actionable advice with great insights from successful businesses … Continue reading

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