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A year on

It’s really the light. Coming into Charlotte two days ago there was this wonderful late afternoon light across the city, a kind of deep blue, combined with southern warmth. Later the sky turned warmer still. The reciprocal effect of light … Continue reading

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The worst possible outcome in Greece

In tomorrow’s referendum vote outcomes of 55% plus of either Yes or No are less bad than an outcome of 51% Yes, with a Tsipras government clinging on to power. A sure bet way to total economic disaster including a … Continue reading

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Unintended consequence of a Grexit a Chentry

There is a scenario whereby the Grexit is the first domino piece to fall that eventually leads to an CH (Switzerland) Entry into the EU because of the economic fall out of the Greek tragedy. Text in German only.

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A little campaign to bring down the Swiss National Bank president

The president of the Swiss National Bank is embroiled in a scandal involving his wife and some dollar purchases at inconvenient moments. Big fuss ensued. Yet the some questions remain unanswered so far. More in German.

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Christmas Galore – Will there be a Bonus or not (i.e. the Euro is finished)

Given the fact that banks value nearly halved in the last six months some not-so-golden-anymore boys start wondering how they are going to buy Christmas presents with no bonus in sight and probably worse things (i.e. job loss) to come. … Continue reading

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The Big Reset

A somber mood hung over the G-20 summit in Cannes. Greece, the problem child dominated the headlines. Beyond the bold print a gloomier picture emerges. The economies around the world are in doldrums. Western economies pile up debt quicker than … Continue reading

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The end of the world as we know it

The Greeks are about to go bust; the international financial system about to go broke, a number of banks, and eventually some additional states, too. Too gloomy? We are about to see a number of very unorthodox arrangements to try … Continue reading

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Villiger & Grübel: Go

With a risk management in place that deserves its name the 2 billion trading loss would not have occurred. It did. After a near collapse of the bank because these systems were crucially missing, the new leadership obviously did not do … Continue reading

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Swiss banks are unconvincible

Swiss bankers apparently are unable to learn: For three years the Credit Suisse says it has a zero tolerance policy towards tax evasion, and yet the business took place on large scale. Why exactly did senior management not intervene earlier? … Continue reading

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Short note – big impact

Swiss National Bank sets minimum exchange rate at CHF 1.20 per euro A short note and the long decline of the Swiss Franc came to a brisk close. Source: We may guestimate the consequences.

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