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A company road trip

A few days ago my colleagues and I set out to drive from New York to Connecticut to visit a customer of ours. Our customer has its North American divisional headquarter up there and a big R&D facility. On that … Continue reading

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You can see the AI age everywhere but in the productivity statistics

“At the hospital they introduced a computer to do payroll. Instead of four people in the payroll department they now employ eight plus a few in the new computer department,” my father explained over Sunday lunch over 30 years ago. … Continue reading

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Digital Manifesto for Switzerland

The other day Digital Switzerland invited 50 digital movers and shakers to Bern to discuss digitalization and Switzerland and what we think a way forward is. The outcome is this Digital Manifesto (pdf).

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Make data human – Apply Deming’s principles to the industrialization of data analytics

  It was a sunny spring day. I just received my coveted birthday present. A Sony Walkman. It was revolutionary. Small, lightweight, beautiful, it was music on the go. And it was the essence of Japanese ingenuity. W. Edward Deming … Continue reading

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The Future of Data: Autonomous Data

Self-Driving Cars are all the rage. Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, said recently in the German Newspaper, Handelsblatt, that the automotive industry will change more radically in the next 5 years than in the past 50 years. The key drivers … Continue reading

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Opposition without a clue (about the future)

The Swiss political system starts to resemble the US system: A right wing party as look-similar to the irresponsible Republicans. More in German.

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Start the right thing

My friend Patrick Stähler wrote an excellent book on starting the right thing. Unfortunately only in German – but hey Goethe’s language is on an ascend, what getting yourself fluent?! – it packs actionable advice with great insights from successful businesses … Continue reading

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2 Lattes a month to save the Euro

The Greek tragedy continues. Instead of everyone getting sane, the FinMins of the Eurozone are on the brink to decide Grexit. All of them seem to have lost perspective. The requested €74bn translate at the end of the day to … Continue reading

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The worst possible outcome in Greece

In tomorrow’s referendum vote outcomes of 55% plus of either Yes or No are less bad than an outcome of 51% Yes, with a Tsipras government clinging on to power. A sure bet way to total economic disaster including a … Continue reading

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Unintended consequence of a Grexit a Chentry

There is a scenario whereby the Grexit is the first domino piece to fall that eventually leads to an CH (Switzerland) Entry into the EU because of the economic fall out of the Greek tragedy. Text in German only.

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