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The world is about to end (always say some) – It just does’t happen

The world was bound countless times for the abyss. The last time just some three weeks ago on December 21st. Yet, it just did not happen. The doomsayers were wrong again and again… as this chart shows. Via Online Psychology

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Ticketless travel – In Switzerland and Pakistan

Two days ago I read about Pakistan: “Railways to start campaign against ticketless traveling.” This morning a similar story in the NZZ about Swiss railways: “Easy Ride», ticketless travel.” I had to find out it’s not the same kind of … Continue reading

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Shopping Tourism and Buy Local go hand in hand

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

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London: Emancipation gone wrong

This past week I was three days in London to see early clients for Squirro and future implementation partners (The reception was phenomenal). Hosting me was Andy Honess, one of our business angels, and himself UK based. London – of … Continue reading

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Usability Fail in London

Here in London things are a little different… Yesterday we had a meeting in the fifth floor of an office building. Just, how do we get to the 5th floor giving this usability fail: Once we managed to get to … Continue reading

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Samsung pokes fun at Apple fanboys and -girls

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