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Freemium has run its course – our experience

Recently I came across this piece from Rags Srinivasan “Freemium has run its course”. Here at Nektoon – that’s the legal person behind Squirro & Memonic – we apply both concepts. Memonic is run on the freemium model. The extensions … Continue reading

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Introducing Squirro

This week was an important week for us: We are introducing Squirro over at my startup. More on our new blog.

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Digital noise reduction

“Why Google+ rocks”. Aha. That assertion was brought to me multiple times on consecutive days. Here’s a recent screenshot of my Google+ stream: Same message, twice (additional duplicates omitted to save space). The early praise was all about Google changing … Continue reading

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Off to San Francisco – Memonic that is

We reached the top 4 of the AppQuest 2011 contest! This means that Memonic – together with our partner PARX – will fly to the Dreamforce Conference in San Francisco! There we will be able to present our Memonic Clipper for Salesforce in front of … Continue reading

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Moore’s law in reverse

Today a technology startup is almost by definition lean. This is a direct consequence of Moore’s law – doubling of the computing power every 24 months. Just before the turn of the millennium, we – the Memonic founding team – … Continue reading

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Send Memonic to San Francisco today!

Well, girls & guys – we made it! Thanks to your votes, we ended up in the final 8 apps being considered for AppQuest 2011. Merci! Now you can send us to San Francisco! Vote for us again, for Memonic to … Continue reading

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(Deutsch) Heute in: DeVigier Sommerevent Solothurn

Heute bin ich hier in Solothurn am De Vigier Sommerevent. Wir haben letztes Jahr den Preis gewonnen und Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier hat uns alle zu einem Alumni Event eingeladen. Im Austausch für ein tolles BBQ haben einige von uns einen kurzen Vortrag g… Continue reading

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(Deutsch) Memonic – Alles Neu macht der Mai

Es gibt einen guten Grund, weswegen ich die letzten paar Wochen hier auf dem Blog geschwiegen habe. Obwohl es eigentlich viel zu kommentieren gäbe:
Da war mal die frohe Nachricht, dass (der moderne) Geronimo endlich auf dem Weg zur Hölle ist. Weniger… Continue reading

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