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Make data human – Apply Deming’s principles to the industrialization of data analytics

  It was a sunny spring day. I just received my coveted birthday present. A Sony Walkman. It was revolutionary. Small, lightweight, beautiful, it was music on the go. And it was the essence of Japanese ingenuity. W. Edward Deming … Continue reading

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10 theses on the future of newspapers

Much has been written about the future of newspapers. Here my humble contribution: In a complex world people turn to trusted sources of information for news, analysis and comment, e.g. newspapers. The unique value of a newspaper is its editorial staff … Continue reading

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Collusion in the Swiss Publishing Industry

Had lunch with one guy from one reputable Zurich newspaper publishing company and met a guy from another reputable Zurich newspaper publishing company. Both have intimate knowledge about their respective digital strategies. And both were complaining loudly that their companies … Continue reading

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(Deutsch) Virtual Organizations: Vortrag an der Lift11 in Genf

Heute habe ich hier in Genf an der Lift Conference einen Vortrag gehalten zum Thema “Virtuel Organizations”. Die Lift Konferenz ist eine Veranstaltungsreihe rund um das Thema “What can the future do for you?” Spannend. Meine Slides mit den Tooltipps si… Continue reading

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