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Opposition without a clue (about the future)

The Swiss political system starts to resemble the US system: A right wing party as look-similar to the irresponsible Republicans. More in German.

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Can we please have a New Deal – and a new Helmut Kohl for the matter?

Can we please have a New Deal – and a new Helmut Kohl for the matter? Apparently we arrived in a situation where two heads of government plus the president of the EU council apply ‘mental waterboarding’ to a fellow … Continue reading

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The worst possible outcome in Greece

In tomorrow’s referendum vote outcomes of 55% plus of either Yes or No are less bad than an outcome of 51% Yes, with a Tsipras government clinging on to power. A sure bet way to total economic disaster including a … Continue reading

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Unintended consequence of a Grexit a Chentry

There is a scenario whereby the Grexit is the first domino piece to fall that eventually leads to an CH (Switzerland) Entry into the EU because of the economic fall out of the Greek tragedy. Text in German only.

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How to solve the Euro-Crisis: Greece to join Switzerland – Gritzerland

No this is no joke. The crisis is too serious by now. And as some discussion over the weekend showed and Greece exit of the Euro and the subsequent Spain run would ruin Switzerland, too. It’s like a big seesaw: … Continue reading

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Europe’s Youth: No hang loose but lose lose

On Friday I interviewed three great candidates for an opening as Marketing Intern* here at Memonic. Three very different career paths joined by a similar conjecture: All in their early thirties, from three different countries, finding that Europe has no … Continue reading

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Once the corner stone of Switzerland the FDP today is detached

Once the FDP – the (in a European sense) liberals – was the corner stone of Switzerland. Their forefathers founded Switzerland and ruled it for roughly 150 years. For the last twenty years they are in permanent (terminal?) decline. An obvious … Continue reading

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A foaming Roger Köppel and North Korean Propaganda Methods

Roger Köppel, editor, publisher & owner of the right wing publication Weltwoche pushed a smear campaign that lead to the resignation of Philipp Hildebrand, the president of the Swiss National Bank. The methods employed are smear tactics at its worst … Continue reading

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Intolerable behavior of Blocher & his right wing trolls

Today Hildebrand, president of the Swiss National Bank quit his job. After a relentless campaign against him by Mr Blocher from the right wing party SVP, he took his leave. In the process Switzerland lost her probably most prominent and … Continue reading

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On important and unimportant matters

The media frenzy on the Swiss National Bank president or the German State President completely outshines any serious topic. A little rant on irresponsible media and society. More in German.

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