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2 Lattes a month to save the Euro

The Greek tragedy continues. Instead of everyone getting sane, the FinMins of the Eurozone are on the brink to decide Grexit. All of them seem to have lost perspective. The requested €74bn translate at the end of the day to … Continue reading

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The worst possible outcome in Greece

In tomorrow’s referendum vote outcomes of 55% plus of either Yes or No are less bad than an outcome of 51% Yes, with a Tsipras government clinging on to power. A sure bet way to total economic disaster including a … Continue reading

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Unintended consequence of a Grexit a Chentry

There is a scenario whereby the Grexit is the first domino piece to fall that eventually leads to an CH (Switzerland) Entry into the EU because of the economic fall out of the Greek tragedy. Text in German only.

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Capitalism has a tendency to destroy itself

Text available in German only.

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Freemium has run its course – our experience

Recently I came across this piece from Rags Srinivasan “Freemium has run its course”. Here at Nektoon – that’s the legal person behind Squirro & Memonic – we apply both concepts. Memonic is run on the freemium model. The extensions … Continue reading

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How to solve the Euro-Crisis: Greece to join Switzerland – Gritzerland

No this is no joke. The crisis is too serious by now. And as some discussion over the weekend showed and Greece exit of the Euro and the subsequent Spain run would ruin Switzerland, too. It’s like a big seesaw: … Continue reading

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Shopping Tourism and Buy Local go hand in hand

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

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Europe’s Youth: No hang loose but lose lose

On Friday I interviewed three great candidates for an opening as Marketing Intern* here at Memonic. Three very different career paths joined by a similar conjecture: All in their early thirties, from three different countries, finding that Europe has no … Continue reading

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10 theses on the future of newspapers

Much has been written about the future of newspapers. Here my humble contribution: In a complex world people turn to trusted sources of information for news, analysis and comment, e.g. newspapers. The unique value of a newspaper is its editorial staff … Continue reading

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Helmut Schmidt on Europe’s Future

Helmut Schmidt’s speech on Europe is both crisp and concise. It is the speech on the future of Europe that quite a many active European politician should have held long ago.

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