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You can see the AI age everywhere but in the productivity statistics

“At the hospital they introduced a computer to do payroll. Instead of four people in the payroll department they now employ eight plus a few in the new computer department,” my father explained over Sunday lunch over 30 years ago. … Continue reading

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Can we please have a New Deal – and a new Helmut Kohl for the matter?

Can we please have a New Deal – and a new Helmut Kohl for the matter? Apparently we arrived in a situation where two heads of government plus the president of the EU council apply ‘mental waterboarding’ to a fellow … Continue reading

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The world is about to end (always say some) – It just does’t happen

The world was bound countless times for the abyss. The last time just some three weeks ago on December 21st. Yet, it just did not happen. The doomsayers were wrong again and again… as this chart shows. Via Online Psychology

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On important and unimportant matters

The media frenzy on the Swiss National Bank president or the German State President completely outshines any serious topic. A little rant on irresponsible media and society. More in German.

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Helmut Schmidt on Europe’s Future

Helmut Schmidt’s speech on Europe is both crisp and concise. It is the speech on the future of Europe that quite a many active European politician should have held long ago.

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The problem of constriction

In a previous post I lamented on the information hyperinflation and called for digital noise reduction. Today I would like to point to problem with this approach: By reducing noise you may also narrow your horizon. Source: GannetLocal Digital techniques … Continue reading

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Worth reading: Stop Coddling the Super-Rich

The world’s most successful investor, Warren Buffet, calls for an end to the low-tax regime for the super-rich on the ground that it undoes society: “While the poor and middle class fight for us in Afghanistan, and while most Americans … Continue reading

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(Deutsch) Facebook Müdigkeit – 1/3 meiner FB Freunde hat sich von FB verabschiedet

Wir sind für unsere Memonic for Salesforce Integration im Salesforce Appquest Wettbewerb als eine von zwei europäischen Firmen unter die Top 16 nominiert worden. Die ganze Abstimmung läuft auf Facebook (und bis morgen 5. August könnt ihr auch noch … Continue reading

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(Deutsch) Langsam tönen die Ego-Shooter Lobbyisten wie die National Rifle Association

Dass der irre Norweger zu Hause auch Ego-Shooter Spiele hat, erstaunt nicht. Dass nun allerlei Leute deren Einschränkung fordern, auch nicht. 
Die Argumente der pro-Killerspiel Interessierten aber haben es in sich: Keine ursächliche Wirkung zwische… Continue reading

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