Attitudes matter

Excerpt from an email conversation with a colleague of mine. It started with a comment on this video: Squirro App Studio.

Teammate: This video is no longer current.

Me: Can you explain to me what is not current here (except a portion referring to DSS instead of AIS)?

Teammate: Hi Dorian, That’s what I mean. It refers to DSS so it should not be distributed. Is my assumption not correct? Thank you.

Me: Dude, in a perfect world sure. Now we live in an imperfect world: So yes your assumption is not correct (until we have redone the video, btw are you volunteering?). 

Look I react to this because most recently people left and right have been nagging about things and that goes on my nerves: Startups by definition are not perfect. We told all of you (Remember me saying in your hiring interview: Startups are f**ing hard. Are you in for that?). 

Tesla produced shitty cars for the better part of the first 10 years of their existence (don’t believe me? check their resell value….). But they were after something (understand mobility in terms of software not hardware) and see where they are today…

Same with us: We understand the digital world in terms of insights not data. On that road things have edges. Life with it or else. Or to say it with Mark Watney in the Martian ““I’m going to have to science the shit out of this.”

So I would have preferred a comment of the type: ‘Use video with note only: still references DSS, will need updating’. Bonus points for saying: @author: Contact me, happy to help for an updated version.

You know like I do for requests you have for me. Instead of me saying: “Do your job, deliver results.”, I am a ping away and e.g. over the weekend help you to expand the SFDC playbook to make you successful. 

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