Jobs for Ukrainian Refugees – The Commitment of my Company

Over at my company Squirro we decided to act:

“A week ago, the world as we knew it came to an end. The horrific and unprovoked war by Russia is a tragedy for Ukraine and a disaster for all of us.

We stand with people who simply want to live in a democracy and are standing against an invader. Many things are unclear in life. This is not.

The UNHCR expects millions of refugees coming to countries west of Ukraine. Some of them will come to places where we do business (Zurich, Munich, London). All will need places to eat, sleep, go to school and work.

As a team we have decided to take a stance beyond words: We will hire 2-3 refugees from Ukraine above and beyond our current hiring plans. We will finance these salaries with a voluntary pay cut by participating employees and a matching contribution from our investors.

Any applicant will go through the same hiring process as any other applicant and will be on the same team as everyone. One colleague who joined us as a refugee from an altogether other place, is today – next to being a great contributor – a friend. We intend to do the same again.

With this we hope to make a small contribution to help fellow Europeans in need.


PS: For open jobs see here:

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