Europe’s Youth: No hang loose but lose lose

On Friday I interviewed three great candidates for an opening as Marketing Intern* here at Memonic. Three very different career paths joined by a similar conjecture: All in their early thirties, from three different countries, finding that Europe has no job to offer to them.

Well for one candidate we might have one**.

Candidate A is from a European country. Great background in Marketing, worked at one stage even for mighty Microsoft. Speaking several languages and well immersed in Switzerland after moving here a year ago. Today speaking fluent German. No job. Push backs: Overqualified, no local experience.

Candidate B from the British Islands has a degree in marketing in communication from a renowned University and many years of relevant marketing experience working for both consumer goods companies and agencies. Had a marketing job, no job today.

Candidate C is coming from Italy. Relevant studies in marketing and communication. Many years of work experience in Italy with marketing agencies and first rate fashion companies. However, given the fucked Italian labour market always as temporary worker. No chance so far for a long term contract.

Millions of young people all across Europe today share a similar fate. A sound education, great qualifications, no perspectives.

It sickens me. It is on the point to that this generation becomes a wasted generation. No chance ever to build a life on their own, found a family; but dependent on parents, the state, and occasionally a bad paid temp job.

Some call this generation the hang loose generation for their propensity to enjoy life. I don’t see any hang loose in the faces of the three candidates interviewed but a desire to work, excel and proof their worth. For them it’s no hang loose but lose lose.

Europe we need to wake up. We require a Marshall type of plan to create a perspective of sincere prosperity.



* Why as marketing intern and not as full timer? Because the job at hand is designed for an intern, i.e. somebody say in Marketing Studies or a simliar eduction looking for a part time job.

That is we were looking for a working student and the job posting said this clearly. I was thus very surprised to receive such highly qualified applications (next to some applications from our target audience, i.e. students).

** They are all great candidates. In an ideal world without ressource limitations I would offer a full time job to all of them. But then, we are a startup in a fragile situation.

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  1. Reminds me 1981 in France and England. No future, no hope. But then things changed. This will not last forever.

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