ChatGPT – a scary surveillance of our reality?

The other day we were asked to take part in a accelerator program. As always some form to be filled out. I was short on time. In fact it was aleady past the official deadline. But the organizer wanted us absolutely in. So what did I do? I turned to ChatGPT to help me formulate the answers to the questionaire.

And now something scary happened.

One of the questions was about how our startup and product fit the challenge (see next screenshot)

Challenge Question

I simply copied the questions into ChatGPT without any additional context. Here’s the answer I got.

ChatGPT answer

So in fact without me providing the specific context of Squirro ChatGPT returned to me the description of another company’s answer to the same questions. I cross-checked this and now it gets scary: Above mentioned company submitted to that same challenge…

So ChatGPT reproduced an answer from somebody else – efficient caching, everything morphing into the same thing (ChatGPT producing the same answer regardless of who asks), the system knows who asked what, when…

PS: After a bit of prompt engineering ChatGPT produced a fairly good answer describing what we do instead what others do and have submitted to the challenge.

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