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Time for Artificial Intelligence to Really Deliver

Technology is a sector that has often been prone of over-hyping the latest trends that emerge within it. Over the past few years, virtual reality and driveless cars are just two examples of technologies that while rich in potential, have … Continue reading

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The Future of Data: Autonomous Data

Self-Driving Cars are all the rage. Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, said recently in the German Newspaper, Handelsblatt, that the automotive industry will change more radically in the next 5 years than in the past 50 years. The key drivers … Continue reading

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(Deutsch) Der Niedergang der PubliGroupe

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

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Summly – A little hype dissected

The other day I read about Summly, which claims “Our summarization technology is pure rocket science.” They got quite hyped by the usual suspects such as Techcrunch. So I decided to give it a try. I picked to news stories … Continue reading

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Aggregate or get aggregated

Source: Matthew Ingram on Aggregation Matthew Ingram discusses the all new Pew Research Center report on the state of media 2012. He points out that news aggregation is a way of life for ever more consumers. Actually more users arrive at an online offering … Continue reading

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10 theses on the future of newspapers

Much has been written about the future of newspapers. Here my humble contribution: In a complex world people turn to trusted sources of information for news, analysis and comment, e.g. newspapers. The unique value of a newspaper is its editorial staff … Continue reading

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Collusion in the Swiss Publishing Industry

Had lunch with one guy from one reputable Zurich newspaper publishing company and met a guy from another reputable Zurich newspaper publishing company. Both have intimate knowledge about their respective digital strategies. And both were complaining loudly that their companies … Continue reading

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Google buys the mobile phone business of Motorola

Google today announced that it buys the mobile phone side of Motorola, called Motorola Mobility for a whooping $12.5 billion. Larry Page, Google CEO, is quoted saying: “Motorola Mobility’s total commitment to Android has created a natural fit for our … Continue reading

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Moore’s law in reverse

Today a technology startup is almost by definition lean. This is a direct consequence of Moore’s law – doubling of the computing power every 24 months. Just before the turn of the millennium, we – the Memonic founding team – … Continue reading

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(Deutsch) Heute in: DeVigier Sommerevent Solothurn

Heute bin ich hier in Solothurn am De Vigier Sommerevent. Wir haben letztes Jahr den Preis gewonnen und Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier hat uns alle zu einem Alumni Event eingeladen. Im Austausch für ein tolles BBQ haben einige von uns einen kurzen Vortrag g… Continue reading

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